for settlment of age bias employment claims of employees, google agree to pay us$ 11 mn

For Settlment of Age Bias Employment Claims of Employees, Google Agree to pay US$ 11 Mn


Google has approved to pay $11 million to close a lawsuit that blames the internet giant of discriminating against age bias job applicants. It’s a deal for 227 people with an average payout of above US $35,000 amounts. Who were over 40 and joined the class action when they applied for joining the company. The settlement also invites for the Alphabet Inc. Company has decided to give training to managers and employees on the age-related bias. Just to form a recruiting committee which focused on age diversity, review departing employees regarding potential discrimination. As well as to appropriate investigate age bias complaints regarding suitable positions. The company’s lawyers, and attorneys representing over 40 job hunter. Who prosecuted submitted a final settlement proposal to a federal judge. Which is in the US district court of the Northern District of California. Around the US $ 2.75 Million will collect by lawyers from this agreement.

This case was raised by a lady, claimed that she was interviewed four times more than seven years by Google. She had highly relevant qualifications. Besides that, she had experience of programming”. But Google never allowed her as a part of employment, because of her age. Cheryl Fillekes blamed the company as “a methodical pattern and practice of discriminating” against aged peoples. Ms. Fillekes lawyer, Daniel Low stated in the mail. As “In the technology industry, age bias is a major concern that necessary to be addressed. They are very satisfied from this case. As they are capable to achieve a fair settlement for their clients in this case”

But Google declined the accusations and said that Ms. Fillekes and other job hunters. Mentioned as examples didn’t describe the technical aptitude essential for the job. Also, they were observed by interviewers to be “Googley”. Which is adequate to be much suitable for the company. The company stated that it still rejects. That is purposely discriminated against any of the other job seekers or Ms. Fillekes, just because of their older age. The company states that it has strict policies in place in contradiction of discrimination, including age bias.

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