spacexs test flight of starhopper spacecraft aborted after technical glitch

SpaceX’s Test Flight of Starhopper Spacecraft Aborted After Technical Glitch


SpaceX canceled the Test Flight of Starhopper Spacecraft on the last moment. The technical glitch caused the Test Flight of the Starhopper Spacecraft to get aborted by the ground control. The team encountered the issues with rocket engine ignitor, due to which they canceled the flight one second before its normal takeoff. According to the Texas time, the space flight was supposed to take off on 5 PM, but on 4: 59:59 PM, the launch was aborted due to the wiring issues with Rocket engine ignitor. In this test flight, the rocket was supposed to take off with star hopper spacecraft and cruise up to 500ft in the air.

The hover test was designed to test the Starhopper spacecraft for the capacity. The Starhopper spacecraft’s landing and takeoff engines can help the spacecraft hover in the air to reduce the speeds while landing and land safely. As the test flight was aborted due to the malfunction in the rocket, the local police asked the nearby residents to vacate the homes temporarily. Even though there was no issue with the rocket’s sensitive elements like the Engine burning or rocket fuel blast, but the local police took preventive measures and asked the local community to vacate the house temporarily.

The vacated people from near the test flight site were not happy with the decision of vacating. One of the older women of the community was angry and said that they were living in the war-like situation, where they have a fear of things collapsing on their houses. The Starhopper spacecraft is a compact version of Starship, which is the reusable spaceship suitable for interplanetary travel. As NASA is planning for Moon mission and Mars mission with humans, the Starship and Starhopper would help a lot. SpaceX has not provided any details of the next test flight of the Starhopper spacecraft.

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